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  • September 29, 2011 - kenshinjeff

    xexun tk102 gps tracker perl script free

    As promised two months ago, I said I would release what I wrote for the gps application I was working on. At that point in time, I was using xexun clones from aliexpress/alibaba. Trust me, the real ones from David over at xexun perform way better. AND, the trackers gives the cell id by default. […]

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  • June 10, 2011 - kenshinjeff

    My thoughts on public transport in singapore

    With reference to this article: Actually, what is the difference before and after he got elected? Is it still too early to say? Why does it take 3-4 years to purchase a train? Don’t they have a few approved vendors from whom they can buy from? While his points are noteworthy, does that mean […]

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  • September 30, 2010 - kenshinjeff

    study so hard for what?

    In the early 1980s to 1990s, parents have always emphasised on how important education was, how it was essential to get an o level or a  diploma to get a job, how a Government job is an iron rice bowl, etc. etc. In those times, educators (mainly teachers) were highly revered and admired, I wouldn’t […]

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  • April 10, 2010 - kenshinjeff

    the theory of dating

    Everyone loves to talk about themselves, they always have somethign to say, especially me. So let me share my own thoughts about dating. One thing to take note of, dating is the easy part, it’s maintaining the relationship, and ending it that’s difficult. In the most general form of the word “dating”, it is the […]

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  • Contraire to the popular belief, that’s wrong. There’s probably nothing more wrong (or right) about you as compared to someone 10 years younger than you. In fact, someone younger than you may have more ridiculous issues that make them less desirable (ie, how should I part my hair this morning, what clothes should I wear […]

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  • September 21, 2008 - kenshinjeff

    Look what I found at kinokuniya!

    Being an (ex)geek, I was stuck at the science section of kinokuniya for a few minutes. Ok, fine, it was more like half an hour, and I was chosing between a “how to apply statistics to everyday life” kind of book, to this  “How Big is Your Brain?“. Anyway I chose the big brain book, […]

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  • September 20, 2008 - kenshinjeff

    personality tests, blood types, astrology and ENTP

    Other than the fact that I’m really irritating, or so they say, it would seem that my friends know more about me than myself. Which is really surprising, therefore I shall I quote something I usually say: You think your friends are the suck? Your friends are a reflection of yourself. I’m not usually any […]

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  • January 14, 2008 - kenshinjeff

    my hand and the taxi problem

    So a little update on my life before more serious things. I fell while trying to go up a short pavement while on the road on the bicycle on Christmas day. Many injuries, cool wounds and painful antiseptic moments. Hit my face on the pavement, but luckily nothing there, I attribute that to the thick […]

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  • April 18, 2007 - kenshinjeff

    Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion

    This anime is actually pretty much better that it seems. If you can stand clamp character designs that is. I went over kino the other day and EVERY anime magazine had Lelouch / Suzaku on their cover.

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  • February 5, 2007 - kenshinjeff

    How to solve ALL problems magically!

    Once again, I have solved another one of life’s mysteries! Or at least my life : DDDDD So, I’ve broken down all known problems in life into a VERY simple diagram. It’s totally idiot proof. Other than the fact that I really need to destress from all the work, this really does solve all your […]

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