In case anyone falls for me, I can be contacted at the following:

My address

Do send me love/hate mail. I simply adore fans.

  • I like to think, or some would refer to as daydream
  • I like to be intellectually stimulated
  • I happen to like senseless things as they intrigue me
  • I like the unpredictiveness of life, or rather, the unpredictiveness of people in the enviroment who make my life so
  • I like to pen my thoughts digitally
  • Programming and tech stuff are my hobbies
  • Reading immerses me into a world of my own
  • So does watching anime, amercian tv serials and movies
  • I love to sing with my horrible voice
  • I like to travel
  • I’m a camera whore : D
  • As a result of all these, I can always naturally keep a cool / bochap look under all sorts of circumstances.

It would seem that most people are more concerned about with what I use on my computer and what toys I have instead of knowing me better as a person : (

My desktop used to be on dual boot, and I have more asp projects than anything else recently, so here are the Window apps I’m using:

  • BitComet 0.58 /w SpoofID [ switching to utorrent soon ]
  • EmEditor 5 [ great as a notepad replacer ]
  • Windows Live Messenger 8 [ /w Messenger Plus! Live ]
  • WinSCP
  • FlashFXP [ performs site to site transfer, pretty cute ]
  • GSpot + ffdshow-alpha
  • Winamp 2.95 /w MSN plugin
  • VLC Media Player 0.84a [ can play files that are downloaded halfway ]
  • ViPlay 2.09 [ I threw this out and I’m now using Media Player Classic ]
  • ActiveSync 4.2 beta
  • UltraMon for dual displays

On Gentoo, I used to run:

  • Hmn. I can’t seem to remember my fav transparent console…
  • wget
  • Gnome Desktop /w 4 to 6 virtual desktops
  • Galeon 2 [ tabs came from here : D ]
  • X11amp
  • xchat
  • BitchX
  • mplayer

If I ever manage to find my screenshots I did when I was much freeer, I’ll post them here.

And finally, here’s a list of webapps I use on a daily basis:

  • Google [ The only one I use actually ]
  • GMail /w lots of forwards from other mailboxes
  • WordPress
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • phpCalendar

Oh wait, I forgot my toys:

  • Sony Ericsson W950i
  • T-Mobile MDA Vario [ HTC Wizard, hacked A2DP! ]
  • PSP Black 1.5
  • NDS Grey / White + M3 MiniSD Adapter
  • EZ Flash3 Flash Card
  • PS2
  • IBM X31

And my real toys:

  • Vash the Stampede – Black figurine
  • Nicholas D Wolfwood – Figurine
  • Ditto soft toy
  • Neji / Kiba / Yondaime soft toys
  • Monsterism’s Large Janitor (Red) & Boris (Purple)
  • A set of one piece toys
  • Sanji – Small Figurine
  • Roly poly Nico Robin
  • One Piece Cow / Seal soft toys
  • Death Note Finger Puppets [ Yeah baby, the original limited edition ones ]

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