An egosearch returns search results about yourself. Ergo, an egoblogpage would be a blogpage with everything to do about a blog. Or simply said, an “about page”, but of course, an about page just sounds too boring and non-geeky, it’s so un-me.

On with the objectives of this page; It is for me and myself and myself’s friends and their prospective friends girlfriends. No, seriously, just the the cute ones.

It’s for them to know I learnt today so that they (the cute ones) can keep track of whatever I’ve learnt throughout my life. I am a very forgetful person to begin with, so not only does this serve as a notebook of sorts, it’s also very cool to ask a girl whom you’re going out with “I remembered I said something like this on my blog, what was it exactly?”

As a sidenote, Kenny and Gary happen to be fulfilling that role right now. Which would be a good thing if we were cowboys on a ranch, but we aren’t.

Oh yes, I also foresee that one day I will wake up with no memory of who I am, who my friends are, but I will remember the kenshinjeff and therefore I will remember this blog and hopefully it’ll jog my memory. Well, just in case I lose my memory in another country, I still can access this blog via the Internet. : )

Every once in a while, I will put coolz stuffz on the downloadable pages so I can shamelessly entice more people to click on the advertisements, and increase my page count. (Once I figure out how to enable it, that is)

Let me once again welcome you to my world, where there is no line between reality and serious stuff, or the lackthereof.

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