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Wow. This is like a real “very accomplishment thingy” for me, I’m really too lazy to program for myself usually.

This is a whack at the website, but in searchable format, plus you get to save clicks when you open the links on the right handside. Who needs hdtv format when you can watch the trailers in 30 seconds?

I finally made an rss aggregator that does something useful. It downloads all the dilbert comic strips daily and archives it so I can take my time to read them when I feel like it : D

scheduler for dad
Basically it’s a php webapp ( of course, what else ) that is supposed to have the following functions:

  • For every quotation sent out, there should be a manual entry into the system under “sales leads”. In the event which the sales leads doesn’t get converted into sales, the system will prompt the user to call up the lead to get a reconfirmation, and a comment status. It will repeat itself until the status has been confirmed “gone” or “converted into sales”
  • For every successful sales, there will be a corresponding entry stored in the yearly maintenance table, which will inform both the end user and the system user up to 4 weeks in advanced.
  • Daily scheduling system. Prior to schedule, the system user will be able required to manually input all required jobs. The backend should be able to suggest the order of the jobs, and pack all related jobs in an orderly fashion.

    The most important thing is to make sure that the detail list can be viewed by the manager and re-ordered if necessary, before approval.

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