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My thoughts on public transport in singapore

With reference to this article: http://app.mot.gov.sg/News_Centre/Perspective.aspx?GUID=3aoEFofbik+SM6fF+0yiIA==

Actually, what is the difference before and after he got elected? Is it still too early to say?

Why does it take 3-4 years to purchase a train? Don’t they have a few approved vendors from whom they can buy from?

While his points are noteworthy, does that mean that all this while there was no one smart enough in LTA/SBS/SMRT to figure that out by themselves, or just no one wanted to take a stand?

If it is okay for Mr Lui and the general public to walk a few stops to take an alternative route, why aren’t there more private transport companies serving these busy routes?

Instead of buying new buses and trains and passing on the cost to the public, why not allow more buses and minivan companies to participate? Let the market solve the problem.

A minibus doesn’t take much more space then say, a luxury car, and it can fit at least 3 cars worth of people. And this is not including people who fit just one or two people in a car.

Instead of clogging the expressway from Bedok to Boonlay with 30% more buses, why not just allow private bus companies to serve routes at Bedok, Harbourfront, Pasir Panjang area?

One private bus serving a shorter, dedicated route would alleviate the stress of having several public buses.

And, most importantly. There is no need to put new buses on the road, private operators can use their existing buses. And even if there was a requirement to buy new buses, let the operators handle the cost and not let one SBS decide how much to increase the fares. If there is indeed a market for this, let the people solve it themselves with an open market.

If you asked me, I would say the act of taking public transport is a nice touch, with the gentle assurance for the public. But that is all. Nothing has changed as of yet, and I hope for all the people Singapore this matter improves way before the next election.

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