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my hand and the taxi problem

So a little update on my life before more serious things. I fell while trying to go up a short pavement while on the road on the bicycle on Christmas day. Many injuries, cool wounds and painful antiseptic moments. Hit my face on the pavement, but luckily nothing there, I attribute that to the thick skin on my face.

I had no idea how serious the taxi problem in Singapore was until everyone started complaining about it. By everyone I mean the drivers, commuters, and would be commuters. It is so damn serious that I actually have to write an entry to complain about it being serious. I mean like everyone is complaining the sky is blue, I should do something like that too.

Usually, if you take a taxi, you fall into one of a few categories, namely:

  1. You NEED a taxi because you have to be somewhere at a certain time
  2. You are lazy to take public transport and you abuse the cheap taxis
  3. You suspect the address given to you is not located on the Singapore map
  4. There is no public transport to wherever you might want to be
  5. It is ridiculously cheap to take a taxi aka “because I can”

It is but Singlish to complain, and it follows through the theory of the minority complains the loudest. It’s not to say the complaints are unjustifiable, but it’s really irritating to hear everyone bitch about it, and most importantly there’s no scientific proof to substantiate the claims.

To me, the average Singaporean behaves rather like this; try saying it as in first person perspective:

“So today there was this irritating person complaining to me, about things that I didn’t want to hear, things that had no viable connection to my way of life, and no relationship whatsoever to me. He was making such a huge fuss about it, and was trying to convince everyone that his way was better than the rest, just merely complaining, no fact, or even worst, a twisted point of view.”

Would you like to hear my complain again? Should I repeat myself? Yes, that IS how YOU behave.

Simple mathematics will ascertain that everyone is complaining about nothing, To be continued when I have more time to think.

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