September 29, 2011 - kenshinjeff

xexun tk102 gps tracker perl script free

As promised two months ago, I said I would release what I wrote for the gps application I was working on. At that point in time, I was using xexun clones from aliexpress/alibaba. Trust me, the real ones from David over at xexun perform way better. AND, the trackers gives the cell id by default.

That being said I’m not the kind of person who will just cook you a meal when you say you’re hungry, so this version of the tracker is for the cloned xexun that I was working on. It’s a really basic perl script that sits on your linux server, listening to a port that you assign and will save whatever that was transmitted from the gps to a mysql database. That is all it does, from there, the web interface should be up to your design. It would not be too difficult for a non-perl user (like me) to modify it to your requirements. Have fun with it.


Anyway, if you do make any modifications, I’m interested to know what you did to make it better, and I would be glad to post them here too, so everyone can choose whichever one that is more suited for them. : D

Oh yeah, if anyone has programmed one for meiligao’s gpses, please let me know. I’m interested in seeing the code for that too. In my opinion it’s really tedious to implement everything in the specifications for that, and I’m not quite sure I want to spend the time buying one unit to try _just_ to write an api in perl.

TK GPRS protocol
User manual – TK102-2

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