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personality tests, blood types, astrology and ENTP

Other than the fact that I’m really irritating, or so they say, it would seem that my friends know more about me than myself. Which is really surprising, therefore I shall I quote something I usually say:

You think your friends are the suck? Your friends are a reflection of yourself.

I’m not usually any good with people out performing me in any way that I deem to be important, so I went on to find out more about myself. As it seems, “personality test” brings out pretty much what I wanted. So after a whole series of tests, I find that I am an ENTP. Or at least what the test usually says (I’ve taken these like at least 6 times since I was 21, not that I ever paid any attention to it), the one I tried at facebook tells me I’m an INTP.

Extraversion – Introversion defines the source and direction of energy expression for a person. The extravert has a source and direction of energy expression mainly in the external world while the introvert has a source of energy mainly in the internal world.

Personally, I would think the general description of ENTP fits me more than the INTP. but it does bother me that my closer friends feel that I’m either an Introvert, or 50/50. After fussing about it for a while, I find that it is relatively true. Let’s see some examples:

  • I like to be at the centre of attention, and I like to be cooped up at home
  • I meet lots of new people at networking sessions for fun, but sometimes, I just feel like sitting there to be approached.
  • I avoid crowded places, holidays and events like the plague, a rainy evening will guarantee a cosy evening on my bed.
  • On rare occasions, I will randomly make friends with the nearest moving object.

Now that I have taken so many variations of Carl Jung & Briggs-Meyers, I believe it’s not accurate for me to take another one since I know which question is obviously an I or an E now : \ Generally I would say that this is quite interesting, considering that I think I know myself pretty well.

You think you know yourself? Try it. Another aspect is, it is able to recommend a type of job compatible to your personality, or a partner who can complement you, or the school you might want to trained in the future.

From what I read, it is common in japanese culture to base personalities, on blood types. The wiki doesn’t exactly give a comprehensive rundown on how it works, and the origin is little flaky, but generally, a specific blood group will have certain traits. Let me rip it off another site:

Type A: calm, composed, serious, reliable, perfectionist, arrogant, suppress their emotions
Type B: curious, bright, cheerful, enthusiastic, superficial, unreliable, selfish
Type 0: carefree, generous, independant, flexible, clumsy, flighty
Type AB: sensitive, considerate, careful, efficient, strict, moody

I find this method totally unreliable, and lack of scientific basis. But I believe that most japanese merely use blood types just for fun. So I’m type B+-, last I remembered.

Next up, horoscopes. I abhor going to soothsayers and fortune tellers and the whole bulk of them, because mainly, a part of me tells me I shouldn’t scold them in the face when they say something I don’t like at them, no matter how true it is, because they are doing their job. Plus, most of them are quacks anyway. That aside, I do believe that, on a certain level, it is actually quite scientific to me. Let me try to rationalise it properly, as I seem to have a problem convincing people.

According to what I know of astrology, everyone is born under a different star, and according to that, there you can generate a star chart based on a your birthday, time of birth. So what this chart does, is what I call, a visual representation of your entire lives. I think it is, somewhat similar to the fengshui/fortunetelling book.

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