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the theory of dating

Everyone loves to talk about themselves, they always have somethign to say, especially me. So let me share my own thoughts about dating. One thing to take note of, dating is the easy part, it’s maintaining the relationship, and ending it that’s difficult.

In the most general form of the word “dating”, it is the assesment of yourself, and your dating partner, for compatibility. A personal test of yourself in which you take, and assess the other party, if I can put it that way. This assesment may take one date, or a few dates, and what is important, are also the circumstances leading to the first date and the next dates.


Strangers —> Acquaintances —> Friends —-> Close Friends —-> Buddies

Step 1: Strangers to Acquaintances
If you have no targets within sight, find one. It’s not easy in the beginning, but you’ll get the hang of it if you try. Start hanging out with your friends who bring friends. More likely than not, their friends are people you may like to be accquainted with too.

Ask yourself: Would you be interested in going out with someone who has no friends, no plans?

Step 2: Acquaintances to Friends to Close Friends
Same as above, the more you attempt the more friends you’ll make. Hey, I can’t teach you everything you know.

Step 3: This is where you’ll have to be careful. If you are always giving the “brother” or “sister” vibe, most likely, your target will treat you like their brother/sister. This is the worst case scenario that can happen. Your objective is NOT to be a buddy/relative. Actually I take it back, that is not the worst case, the worst case is you, wallowing in self pity, and being emotional about it all, while your supposed target doesn’t know of your feelings.

Ask yourself: Would you be interested in going out with someone who wallows in self pity?


What should you do on a date? The answer which everyone will tell you at one point or another is to “be yourself”. To be very honest, anyone who asks you to “be yourself” has too high an opinion of you.

Let’s imagine for a while, your life is the absolutely suckiest life there is in this universe, you are aware of this fact, and you behave like a person with a sucky life, and you’re preparing to go on this date, and you have to “be yourself”.

Ask yourself: Would you be interested in going out with yourself?

Ask yourself: Would you be more interested to go out with Tony Stark (Iron Man) more than yourself?

Everyone is different, and not so different what they want, don’t believe me? Let’s see.

– Flaming hot chicks will only go out with someone with a car because of convenience, and show of wealth.
– Other women will go out with anyone who can provide, attention, love, ability to take care of them, etc.

It’s basically more or less, the same thing. Maternally speaking, people who can afford to drive fast cars, can take care of themselves, regardless of the source of money. Confidence is also often linked to success. Laughter can be linked to a worry less life.

Due to certain undisclosable reasons, I have to publish this post now. So checkout this page again when it’s updated!

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