July 3, 2015 - kenshinjeff

Restoring Gateway 3DS sav to Retail Cartridge MH4U

  1. Using SDF, you will be able to extract user1, user2, user3
  2. Install NTR 2.0, and the Savegame Manager Plugin for NTR 2.0
  3. Insert MH4U cart (with any saved game inside), hold the L before you start the game to make dump (Green will blink twice, then press A to continue)
  4. Shutdown N3DS, take out microSD card, and you’ll see a new directory SD:/save_0004000000126300/
  5. Replace the contents of that directory with your user1, user2, user3
  6. Run NTR again, Insert MH4U cart, this time, hold R before you start the game.
  7. You will see that your save file has been replaced : D

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