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  • Using SDF, you will be able to extract user1, user2, user3 Install NTR 2.0, and the Savegame Manager Plugin for NTR 2.0 Insert MH4U cart (with any saved game inside), hold the L before you start the game to make dump (Green will blink twice, then press A to continue) Shutdown N3DS, take out microSD […]

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  • January 10, 2015 - kenshinjeff

    What is a Gateway 3DS?

    Gateway 3DS is a hardware and software solution for backing up and playing 3DS Roms. The hardware represented by two 3DS cartrigdes (Red and Blue card) with slots for you to insert microSD cards. The software is a file called launcher.dat. As of 10 Jan 2015, the latest version of Gateway 3DS software is “Gateway […]

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