June 11, 2008 - kenshinjeff

how to find laboko gamekeys

I’m trying to recreate my post here, but I suppose it’ll have to be in photo format till I can reset my server. Here’s the raw images from Auslander : )


1) Save memory in file at the save/overwrite screen of savedata by using the memory dump module
2) Open the file using binary editor and search the product number of the game
3) Add 0 x5A0 in the address of search result
4) The 16 bits from this address would be the GAMEKEY of the game

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  • leiro says:

    Hello. Well i just wanna ask if there is any way to do this but with mhp2g. If not i wanna know how can i make laboko compatible with it. And if not if you know any real quest editor for mhp2g because i couldn´t find it. Thanks in advance

  • zercas says:

    hello, just a few questions:

    1. is this applicable to all psp games?
    2. if it is, is the last instance of the “ULES” (the 7th in your example) the one that should be added with 0x5A0?

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