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Alternate: Convert US EUR monster hunter freedom 2 saves to JPN

I found this post on SoC, so I thought I would share it with the folks who’re having trouble with timemachine on the slim. But I must say, the person who came up with this plugin is really a genius. I personally have not tried this yet, but from what I gather, after you manage to convert the save file, you should turn the plugin off.

All credits under this line go to [email protected]

The original post came from here: http://skiesofcrimson.com/forum/topic/14833
I wanted to convert my save game myself and I only have a slim PSP which I wasn’t able run Laboko on so I figured out an alternate way.

What you need:

  1. A PSP with custom firmware (works on slim and phat)
  2. Monster Hunter Freedom 2
  3. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G
  4. PC and USB cable to connect your PSP
  5. Savegame-Deemer http://forums.qj.net/f-psp-development-forum-11/t-release-savegame-deeme…
  6. A Monster Hunter Portable 2nd game save (get one from the conversion thread) http://skiesofcrimson.com/forum/topic/12747
  7. Your Monster Hunter Freedom 2 game save


  1. Extract a Monster Hunter Portable 2nd game save to the “/PSP/SAVEDATA” folder on your PSP
  2. Install and enable Savegame-Deemer
    1. Extract the “seplugins” folder from sgdeemer_110.rar to the root of your memory stick
    2. Go to the “/seplugins” folder on your PSP and add the contents of “game.txt.new” to “game.txt” and then remove “game.txt.new”
    3. Turn off your PSP and turn it back on while holding the R button
    4. When the recovery menu shows up go to “Plugins ->”
    5. Select “deemerh.prx [GAME] (Disabled)” and hit X so that it changes to “deemerh.prx [GAME] (Enabled)”
    6. Select “Back” and then “Exit” to get out of the recovery menu
  3. Run Monster Hunter Freedom 2
  4. Load your game save
  5. Save your game and exit
  6. Run Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G
  7. Select New Game
  8. Select the second option
  9. Go through the steps until you load the Monster Hunter Portable 2nd characters
  10. Exit the game and connect your PSP through USB to your PC
  11. Navigate to the “/PSP/SAVEPLAIN/ULUS1026600” folder on your PSP
  13. Paste them into the “/PSP/SAVEPLAIN/ULJM0515600” folder on your PSP
  14. Run Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G
  15. Select New Game
  16. Select the second option
  17. Go through the steps to convert and save your character
  18. Disable the Savegame-Deemer plugin to speed up your savin/loading
    1. Turn off your PSP and turn it back on while holding the R button
    2. When the recovery menu shows up go to “Plugins ->”
    3. Select “deemerh.prx [GAME] (Enabled)” and hit X so that it changes to “deemerh.prx [GAME] (Disabled)”
    4. Select “Back” and then “Exit” to get out of the recovery menu
  19. Remove the ms:/PSP/SAVEPLAIN folder
  20. Remove the Monster Hunter Portable 2nd save game

Hopefully these instructions are clear enough but if you have any questions I’ll check back here regularly.

Edit: Made the steps more detailed to fix some confusion.



  • jovanius says:

    ok i have been trying to use this method so i can play mhp2g with my mhf2 game save and when i get to step 9 my psp just hangs up and wont do anything else. i even used the mhp2 game to make a gamesave to use for this process and it still fails can anyone help me to get this working??????? i am begging for a little help here.

  • ecks stacy says:

    jov, update your cfw to 3.90 m33-3.

  • […] the instructions were clear and most importantly, everything worked smoothly on the first try: by kenshinjeff. His site has information on MHP 2ndG translation patch too. Thanks for the […]

  • freddy says:

    hey man i do exactly wat u tell me but it on step 3 run monster hunter 2 the psp keeps saying “the game could not be started.” wats up with that im on 3.90 m33-3 and still nothing can u help me out playa plz

  • tarone says:

    nice tut but does it work for other games to?
    SW the force unleashed for example?
    cuz i first downloaded an iso of the game, but when i played it there was only music and no vocals during the cutscenes and gameplay…
    but i didnt really care a shit and came very far in the game, defeated the endboss and collected very much extras…
    and now i downloaded another iso of sw (with vocals) but i cant play that previous savegame with it…
    i think (not sure) cuz its another encryption?
    i think my prev savegame is usa and ma sec eu.
    now, maybe…
    is there a way to put the vocals on that prev game in one way or another?
    or do i really have to discover the encryptions an convert them?
    help me plz

  • Askot says:

    Realy work =D
    thx a lot ^^

    Ps: My version is the EUR, and don’t forget the Monster Fredom 2 japnese version(Monster Hunter Portable 2nd) when u make the step 9

  • Shuw says:

    Well, i did well ’till the 9 step.
    Says that gamesave is corrupted. Could it be the region of the game?

    – MHFreedom 2 [USA]
    – MHP2ndG [JAP]

    In another words, could you help me? 😐

  • Shuw says:

    Oh, nevermind. I done it without problems. Just got confused before.

    Thanks alot. 😀 ~

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