April 26, 2006 - kenshinjeff

msn 8 beta is a piece of shit!

Seriously, how can anyone use Microsoft’s Beta products!?

Hotmail Live is a piece of shit
Msn 8 Beta is ALSO a piece of shit
I am a very fair person, and I shall list down why they are pieces of shit.

Hotmail Live

  • It’s TOO SLOW
  • It doesn’t work with FIREFOX
  • Attachments can’t be downloaded properly
  • It is UGLY

Msn 8 Beta

  • It HANGS on me perpetually! Ahhh my valuable logs!
  • Sometimes I don’t even know I’m offline until someone smses me!
  • It’s TOO SLOW
  • Sometimes I can’t even login to hotmail by clicking the mail icon!
  • What is the use of msn spaces if it doesn’t show on my msn messanger!

How are you going to be taking over the world with your Microsoft LIVE if your beta can’t compare to Google’s!

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  • Yew Chong says:

    Hey, I have the exact same sentiments! Microsoft’s LIVE series of applications really can’t be compared to Google’s one. MSN LIVE, I uninstalled it after realising that some contacts start to go missing….

    Hee, just my observations…Browser challenged by Firefox and Opera, OS challenged by Mac, Internet Dominance challenged by Google, Office applications challenged by Sun and Google…next, MS is releasing LIVE Drive to challenge against Google’s GDrive…am waiting to see what MS will do next…:)

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