December 24, 2010 - kenshinjeff

How to patch the 3rd birthday parasite eve 3 psp

Well of course, this is guide assumes that you have an original copy of the game, you know how to dump isos, and you don’t want to screw up your cfw.

Download 3rdbirthdayebootpatch: MU HF

1. Extract and run UMDGen.exe
2. Open the ISO file you have downloaded. (Probably b-3rdbirth.iso)
3. Open SYSDIR folder.
4. Drag and drop the EBOOT.BIN file on the right window and replace the existing EBOOT.BIN
5. File, Save As, Uncompressed ISO to “3rdbirthdaypatched.iso”
6. Copy the ISO file to your memory stick.

This method works on prometheus-4 and it should work for all cfw > 5.00, or so I’ve heard. Many thanks to the hidden god for this.

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