March 8, 2010 - kenshinjeff

Steps involved in upgrading PostBooks ERP/xTuple

These instructions are for windows, but I doubt any linux user would have any issues adapting this for linux, it’s the steps involved that are important.

Before you start, it is important to backup your entire database. It’s just common sense you know. Backup your views (if any) and your queries also. Do not forget your custom reports (System > Design > Reports), at this point I might point out that when editing/saving a custom report, you should set the grade to anything other than a 0. Because 0 will let it get overwritten.

Determine database version:
System > Master Information Database Information

Determine client version number:
Help > About

You need the latest version of the following:
1. PostBooks-installers
2. PostBooks-updater
3. PostBooks-databases

Existing DB: 3.3.0
Existing Client: Build 6996 (It actually means I was running client 3.3.0, but I didn’t know it at that time)

For my case, a direct database update to 3.4 was not possible, so this was what I had to do:

1. Run Updater-2.2.0 with pb330to331.gz, then
2. Run Updater-2.2.0 with pb331to340.gz
3. Install xTuple-3.4.0-windows-installer.exe, choosing only to install the client.
4. Viola~

If you’re facing issues with PostBooks/xTuple, I would strongly recommend that you register a user account in their community forums, they are pretty quick and knowledgeable, which is really cool for an open sourced company.

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