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People and fences

The first thing the usually pops up when you think of people and fences are, lonely dark skinned construction workers, and even lonelier house keepers. Well, that’s true in Singapore, as most people are either emo or lonely. The scenario usually looks like this, one loner will try to chat up the lonelier who’s situated behind the fence, and when someone looks at them, the loner will carry on chatting as if the world revolved around a lonely coconut trying to gaze up at the other bunch of coconuts that’s still on the tree, and the lonelier will shy away, as if everyone else is trying to pluck the bunch of coconuts. At least that’s the general idea.

As most of you guys might or might not have known, I’m pretty observant and a busybody when I’m alone or not, and I do one-to-several-to-many things that might get me cursed at on a regular basis by total unknown strangers. This involves, but not limited to, waving at random Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, on a weekly basis who drive past my office on the way to lunch (Their showroom is nearby), asking really inappropriate questions to everyone that looks like they have an answer to everything, and trying to give that English accent when I pickup complaint calls, and my current personal favourite, blading into crowds at east coast.

The point being, this is what I saw today: A container trailer parked opposite the road, which is relatively hard to cross, is empty, the uncle apparently took time to cross this road, hopped across (I’ld presume) a meter wide drain, just to chat with another guy on the other side of the fence. Now, this fence is the regular type of fence with wires interleaved, so you can hold them while crutching your fingers in a crutching shape, not to mention the gate for this particular fenced up factory is just about 20 metres away? So you can imagine how it looks like, 2 guys standing up, left hand on left waist, right hand kinda like pointing upwards while hold on to the fence, chatting with each other.

You know the times when you wished you had a 200 megapixel camera built into your head, and you had a wireless usb port to transfer that photo back into your computer and upload it to twitpic for everyone on facebook to see? Yes, this was one of those times.

Personally, with my twisted creativity, I could think of no logical reason why one person would park their humongous trailer on one side of the road, wade past traffic, jump over a drain, just to pose and chat. To make it even more complicated, their roles were reversed, and when I tried to take a photo nonchalantly (like one of those little kids trying to play with their new newfangled technogadgetry devices, pretending to sms), they actually stood further away, like they were guilty of something. When I mean further I mean like one step aside, but STILL holding on to the fence trying to appear as if they happened to walk past each other under the orchard underpass.

As a sidenote, this was the most interesting thing that happened to me on the way back from lunch, and yes, lunch is so dis-interesting that I had to make it more alive.

PS: If I ever run across the street with Maseratis racing along the road, and I happen to jump across a drain, to hold on to the fence just to chat with you, please shoot me first before I embarrass myself in front of people like myself, again.

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