October 10, 2008 - kenshinjeff

no booty for me yesterday

As most of everyone knows, I was out pillaging the high seas two nights ago.

The sea view is fantastic and cooling, and I felt cold in the breeze. Note: This is where all of you come together and plot to buy me a really good camcorder/camera.

I left home at 3am, went to the port, got on the bumboat, and travelled 2 hours to anchorage point, climbed up a two storey high pirate ladder, met the first mate, engineer, electrician, went in the engine room, walked around in the morning sun for 6 hours, got dirty greasy sweaty, nearly poisoned myself, scolded like half a billion times, then went back on the bumboat for another 2 hours. It was about 5pm by the time I got back, and I got toasted by the sun the whole day.

It always surprises me. When I’m like sitting in the office answering calls, facebooking, msning, no one calls, no one messages me. But the moment I step out with my greasy hands EVERYONE starts to call. I only managed to make one video call to the person who might entertain me the most at that time, and I got Gary. Believe me, it was rather entertaining.

All in all, it was a really nice trip slash experience, it’s so peaceful and quiet. I’ll buy a boat or rent one just to lay in the morning breeze and sleep the afternoon away when I have nothing to do.


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