March 27, 2008 - kenshinjeff

Monster Hunter Portable 2G, MHP2G is out on torrents!

Now, isn’t that great news! I’m one of the unlucky ones who tried like a hundred different ones before I got it. But anyway, it’s the one by jcky which is about 749.93 MB.

One thing I don’t understand is why I manage to kept all my items and armour even though I converted. I suppose I’ll go SoC to lurk, nowadays I’m like full time at SoC and part time at work.

On the other hand, as some of you folks might know, I’m currently residing in Singapore, and I’ve managed to get a somewhat reliable source for getting the latest copy of Taiwan Famitsu every week for about 9SGD. It’s expensive I know, but hey, it’s in chinese, and I’m reading it : D~

Taiwan Famitsu


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