July 2, 2006 - kenshinjeff

Tiffany 1837 Titanium Ring – It’s black titanium alright

So I was at the jewellery shop the other day just browsing as usual. And I saw this black ring which I thought was pretty much very unique. So obviously, as a connoisseur of cheap fine rings, I asked if the black would ever fade off.

The lady at the counter gave me such an incredulous look as though I was going to eat the black portion off or something. Anyway she said it will NEVER wear off. So I asked what it was coated with, that makes it so unique. ( Several other cheapo ring shops told me the same thing, but of course, never is an overstatement when dealing with extremities such as me )

Black Titanium, she answered. I gave my usual “Hymph I see” look. But of course, deep down inside I was “WOAH BLACK TITANIUM! Can it BE any cooler!?” It’s only SGD535, that’s like roughly equivalent to less than 300 lines of code. Note that at this point, I was already calculating how much time it would cost for me to earn back this amount of money.

Well words are worth nothing, if you don’t have pictures to back it up, so here they are, and knock your eyeballs out!

Tiffany 1837 Titanium ringTiffany 1837 Titanium ring small

Needless to say, I wasn’t prepared to part with $535 bucks that day, but of course, I will go back one day to take that ring. I think I’m either size 5 or 6 btw : x

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