May 2, 2006 - kenshinjeff

kenshinjeffsama no kage bunshin no jitsu!

I think these photos were taken by Kenny a pretty long time ago when he was last in tokyo. It would seem that while I was slogging back home, and he was holidaying in tokyo, he saw a clone of me there.

kage bunshin clone 1!

I must say, there is an uncanny resemblance there. He might even be good at computers for all you know!

Now, it’s a pity that we can’t see under his jacket. If we could, we could definately very well tell if he’s me if he has a tight looking ass.

kage bunshin clone 2!
Well anyway, I have yet to find a photo of me which is taken from the back. (Who would want to keep that anyway?) But I dare say this guy really reeks of my geekiness, wouldn’t you say?

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