March 28, 2006 - kenshinjeff

Life, as logical as possible

Based on the pigeon hole principle
– Life is short, there is not enough time to do finish everything twice, do it right the first time, and leave the rest for others who want to try again.

Interaction with other groups of people will tell you the same thing, since cavemen hunted in groups.
– You can’t learn everything nor please everyone, do so selectively. (1)

Humans are the most intelligent beings that have been discovered on earth. (3) Human beings, being ze most intelligent are somehow are also extremely stupid when it comes to matters of self preservation. (4)
– Enjoy, for the homosapiens are generally really weak and fragile as compared to more important things like say money, property, oil and other stuff.

As proven in Full Metal Alchemist, “Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.” (5), everything in life is balanced.
– For example, if you want to relax when you’re old, you’ll have to work very hard when you were younger

(1) Be warned that though you can’t please everyone, it is possible to piss everyone off in less than the amount of time it takes for a chicken to lay an egg. (2)

(2) Some people tell me that using the chicken analogy isn’t as funny as it was supposed to sound, but I rationale that it wasn’t supposed to be funny in the first place.

(3) Of course, “most intelligent” is a relative term as compared to a bunch of dead lab rats.

(4) Humans are the only living things on Earth who would kill another being of the same species. That is a fact, but of course, not as interesting as humans are one of the only 2 species in the world which have sexual intercourse for fun.

(5) Some might argue that an anime concept is not logical, so it shouldn’t be included, but taking a closer look, the ideaology of alchemey is comparable to the science of thermodynamics, which is better left to the wikipedia for explanation.

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