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Programming is for monkeys

Picture of Monkey Typing

Anyone who doesn’t agree with me, has either programmed too much, or hasn’t programmed enough.

A programmer who has programmed too much will always know what coding pitfalls to avoid, the pros and cons of the architecture used, the correct way of programming in c to be efficient, where to read up on the latest techniques, new programs to try, and stuff like that.

Not to say a good programmer has no life, but possibly an extended period of time whereby they have no life. Nothing to be ashamed about, since everyone does have a period of time whereby they have no life.

A programmer who’s just beginning out, possibly will be lost in the entire wave of “fast moving ever-changing technology”, unable to figure out what language is more suitable than the others, when a switch case is better than 10 if elses, the whole hooha on what objects is about.

Obviously, both of them must share the same traits to be a programmer; in this case, it’s the “yearn to learn” effect. It seems never ending and possibly will never ever end.

Moral of story 1: Programming is boring, if not, eventually it will get boring.

Programming is simple. How simple? So simple that anyone who has bothered to try can pick it up themselves. In fact, the best programmers there are out there, was probably never taught in that language. Don’t believe me? Try this; how many times have you ever heard:

A) A’s very good at programming in .NET because he was taught .NET and he’s now taking MCSE. He’s really good!

B) B’s really good at programming in Java. He can kick your lecturer’s ass anytime!

Obviously, it’s either many people are lying about their friends’ abilities or it’s the culture of Singaporeans to show off in general. In any case, I’m willing to bet on “option b”.

Not a good enough reason for you? Hmnmn. A tough nut. How about those hackers/crackers/programmers from the poor countries? By poor countries I mean countries with software users who are not rich enough to purchase authentically expensive software : D

In the beginning, most of them came from the States where most software came from. Then after that, Finland, where hacking wasn’t a crime and I believe is still not a crime where they could satisfy their curiosities. A while later, the Russians and the folks from Czech came into the picture, and now, it’s the Chinese who are doing that.

The point is, possibly it is quite hard to own a computer in these places even, let alone have someone teach them how to do buffer overflows, or enough assembly to stop registration nags nor how to write a superb ddos program.

Moral of story 2: Programming is easy.

An infinite number of monkeys typing for an infinite amount of time will eventually produce the entire collection of Shakespeare’s works

If you’ve never heard this line, you’ve not programmed enough, or you possibly haven’t talked to anyone about monkeys. In any case, though we certainly do not have an infinite amount of time nor monkeys, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we have 40% of the world population in India and China.

I’m not saying 40% of the world has programming jobs being oursourced to them, I’m saying that, a tiny fraction of that could very much possibly be a much better programmer than anyone else is. Unless of course, the world’s best outsourcees are reading this, that is.

In theory, all forms of programming have been done by someone, somewhere in this world. But somehow, for some weird reason, all programmers enjoy re-programming. This would be a classic example of monkey see monkey do.

Moral of story 3: Why program when someone else has already done it.

If you are still unconvinced that programming is for monkeys. Don’t worry, I’ve got a solution, for I can pay you in bananas too~

But seriously, like many other things in life, programming is merely a tool, a stepping stone for you to reach even greater heights. Put your efforts from programming into thinking of new things to create, rather than waste time on re-creating.

The money’s not in programming nowadays. No one gets hired because they are really very good at programming or studies for that matter, they are hired because they can program what the employers want, and you don’t need to be really kick ass good to be there.

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