• December 8, 2005 - kenshinjeff

    where did my mambo go!

    Was supposed to head down to Zouk with John today, but somehow didn’t quite go in the end. I guess I must be tired of it already, and to think ZoukOut is on this Saturday! So today was pretty boring, I got ambushed by Shin this afternoon, or rather, my ps2 got ambushed by Shin. […]

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  • December 5, 2005 - kenshinjeff

    Kenny’s infamous squeeze squeeze

    This is the infamous squeeze squeeze, apparrently, I’ve never heard if Kenny has never gotten it to work before, but we all did have a great laugh outta it : ) How it evolved from a single squeeze to squeeze squeeze is still quite a mystery to me.

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  • November 29, 2005 - kenshinjeff

    Love, like a jigsaw piece

    Couldn’t sleep well again today. There’s an exam later at 1pm too. God, when is this ever going to end. It feels like an eternity, waiting for the exams to end. Not being able to sleep in peace doesn’t quite help too. I can’t help wondering how life is like a huge jigsaw puzzle, and […]

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  • October 25, 2005 - kenshinjeff


    This baby is exactly what I need before the 3G version comes out! http://www.geek.com/hwswrev/pda/wizard/

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