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  • March 25, 2007 - kenshinjeff

    shiplog entry, stardate 1174757388

    Today we went to a technology / entrepreneur / networking seminar. It was generally quite interesting, particularly one company which I will talk about later. We managed to meet some old clients, some new prospects, opportunities. The seminar was made really nice, cos they had dynamic speakers from established companies. Some of the more interesting […]

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  • March 8, 2007 - kenshinjeff

    jolin jolin here we come!

    As usual, nothing much to do during this period of time whereby before I go bathe and after I come out I’ll start to do work again. pinkxpider says (1:11 AM): okay i buy tmrw. pinkxpider says (1:11 AM): any preference for seats KenShinJeff says (1:11 AM): Can see upskirt or got chicks beside us. […]

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  • March 7, 2007 - kenshinjeff

    ahhhhhh j2eeeeeeeeeeee

    Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate it! No time no time no time no time! Shit man. If only I can do it faster. I haven’t watched my heroes my 24, how can!? And I’m in school all day till night. Wah lau how can! Just so everyone knows I’m not dead, I’m […]

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  • March 1, 2007 - kenshinjeff

    blind coding

    Another new term coined by the coinist. It originates from the instability of ejb 2.1 using bloody netbeans to complie and deploy j2ee applications. As a result of such inconvenience in deploying and debugging the application, the programmer will in this case, program blindly.

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  • February 28, 2007 - kenshinjeff

    WOT!!! Yang is be decide to stop program!

    For various reasons, one of the two more important reasons being “I am sick of the life of programming useless monotonous web applications for other people”. The second being, oh this will need me to create another paragraph. When I finished serving my national service back in 2001, I had nothing much I could do, […]

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  • February 27, 2007 - kenshinjeff

    I have a new ambition!

    I will make everyone know that I am not merely a mild mannered bespectacled programmer! I shall start off by saying what’s wrong with this blog and why isn’t it as popular as it should be. When I mean “why” I’m referring to objective reasons why it doesn’t generate a nonsensical amount of web traffic, […]

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  • The very first thing in which I should do in order to change my perspective of school is to change the location of all my school work. Currently my “school” folder is within “work” folder, which obviously means I categorise school work as REAL work. So now, as I’m typing this, I’ve shifted my “school” […]

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  • February 5, 2007 - kenshinjeff

    How to solve ALL problems magically!

    Once again, I have solved another one of life’s mysteries! Or at least my life : DDDDD So, I’ve broken down all known problems in life into a VERY simple diagram. It’s totally idiot proof. Other than the fact that I really need to destress from all the work, this really does solve all your […]

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  • January 22, 2007 - kenshinjeff

    places to go things to do before i die

    I can’t remember if I’ve ever put this up before, but just incase I haven’t: Lean on leaning tower of pisa Spit off the great wall Bring a piece of the sphinx back home Kick the statue of liberty Drink coffee at a cafe under eiffel tower with my beloved Piss into vienna Piss into […]

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  • No worry folks, this is not a confession of being gay, though I know lots of you are waiting for that to happen, one way or another. Oh the agony of waiting. You know, the trick to waiting, is to do something else while waiting, I saw one of those posters in one of my […]

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