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Northern lights and snow mobile trip to Tromso, Oslo

The capital of Norway is Oslo, and Tromso is on the northern part of Norway. There are several ways to reach Tromso, the easiest is through Oslo. So Oslo is normally the start of the journey to Tromso.

From Oslo, there’s usually there’s at least 5 domestic flights in/out everyday to Tromso.


From London Gatwick airport, it is also possible to get to Oslo, then Tromso, using Ryanair.

If you have enough time (2-3 months ahead), you can always use Norwegian to plan out the best and cheapest way to get there. There are early bird offers with Norwegian and Ryanair, subscription to their promotions are highly recommended. You _don’t_ have to go from Paris like me.

For last minute flights, you’ll have to play with skyscanner.com.sg to figure out the best permutation to get there.

 RouteTimingAirlinePrice (SGD)/PAX
ASINGAPORE - PARIS (CDG) - SINGAPORE2355 - 0650 (~14hrs) SIA1,708.40
BPARIS (CDG) - COPENHAGEN(CPH) - OSLO(OSL) - TROMSO(TOS)1110 - 1810 (~7hrs including transit time) SAS524.80
CTROMSO(TOS) - OSLO(OSL) - COPENHAGEN(CPH) - ROME(FCO)0640 - 1350 (~7hrs including transit time) SAS349.50
DROME(FCO) - BARCELONA(BCN)0945 - 1130 (~2hrs) Vueling119.23
EBARCELONA(BCN) - PARIS(CDG) ($154.13)1000 - 1205 (~2hrs)Easyjet154.13
FPARIS(Gare de Nord) - LONDON (St Pancras King's Cross) - PARIS (Gare de Nord)0843 - 1000 (~2hrs)Eurostar210.93

If you would like to take a cruise ship (The Hurtigruten) to tour the Fjords and Northern Lights all the way from Oslo to Tromso and back there is such an option too! I didn’t take this due to my extreme lack of time, but I am SURE it is damn cool, probably more so because it is really expensive.

One reason why I took SAS instead of the others I mentioned was because of the ease of booking and traveling. If say we started out in London, we would have to make our way to Gatwick airport, then switch carrier from Ryanair to some airport in Oslo, then from there book another domestic flight like Norwegian to get to Tromso. Personally I have no faith with domestic airlines *cough tigerair* *cough airasia* IF one of them had been delayed, we would have to change all the subsequent flights.

The second reason is that SAS has so many flights from major airports to Tromso, and all the boarding passes are issued on one slip.

So if say the first flight one was delayed, the rest of the flights would be pushed back automatically, and they will do the internal reassigning, no questions asked. Actually that was what happened on the first plane out, we were delayed for an hour, we had to switch planes even though we were buckled in. Luckily we had a lot of transit time, so it didn’t affect us, but for the rest of the passengers, they all had their flights reassigned, before the plane took off. Very nice eh?

Snowmobile! There’s only one or two companies offering the snowmobile thing, you can’t do it in tromso itself, but if you sign up for their snowmobile package, they’ll have an ultra comfy bus taking you to the snowmobiling area! We signed up with lyngsfjord, trust me, they’re worth every cent. Super professional, experienced, ultra friendly and patient! They’ll bring you up all the way to the snow capped mountains about 850 metres high? You don’t need any prior experience with snow mobile, it’s automatic.

Here you’ll see the tiny forest, that’s Finland, and behind the mountains on the right is Sweden.

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