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life, as at july 19 2011

As I walked back into the building, I heard a loud “clanck”. That’s the sound of metal hitting metal; the result of swinging my right hand too close to the railing. I let out a customary “ouch” and carried on walking up the stairs, without taking a second look at my watch. After all, I wasn’t in pain, and I was quite sure the railing was more injured than my watch, that’s why I bought the watch to begin with. As I have always told myself, “Never buy what you can’t afford to lose”. That philosophy has worked out rather well for me over the years, though, I do need another good line to keep the things I buy in good condition.

Judging from the time I spent outside the building and the looks of people blowing dry my wife’s hair, I figured I would have a good ten minutes more of waiting. A wise man always spends his time in a reasonably good way, which is why there is a 80% read book in my bag from last night’s reading session. (And a fully charged 3DS). I placed my finger on the bookmark, which came free with the book; I figured it must have been at least 80gsm from the thickness of it. It’s a nice touch; none of my books ever came with bookmarks. The only other free book service that I have come across is probably a no-frills wrapping service which the lady would use cheap brown paper to wrap the covers of your book.

Before I immersed myself into my detective-noir scifi world, I made a mental note of the things I have done so far this year, and what was outstanding, in no specific order.

  1. Planned and gotten married.
  2. Took my driving lessons.
  3. Listed items on gmarket to sell cheap handphone accessories from China.
  4. Travelled to Seoul, then Hongkong with my buddies.
  5. Painted the room myself (blotched, most certainly, in many areas)

And the list of outstanding things to do:

  1. Create more online stores as different outlets to sell the things I bought back.
  2. Make the damned lightbox so that I can take photos to do 1.
  3. Finish making the gps application so that I can offer it free to people, thus, hopefully bankrupting a few local gps companies in the process.
  4. Attempt to dissect Steins Gate’s ISO so that I can translate the visual novel to English.
  5. Setup the printing properly to lessen the workload.
  6. Look for a reasonably priced Daikin aircon to replace the one that’s currently being murdered by my wife.
  7. Teach, then assign someone to lay cat cables around the house from under the stairs.
  8. Assuming that 3. goes well, look into the possibility of merging the business of servicing fire extinguishers, remote cctv survillence, gps assisted fleet management, and handphone accessories.
  9. When all else fails, sign up for eNets and create payment modules for every major shopping cart ever created.
  10. Plan for the year end honeymoon to Tromso, Paris, Rome, Barcelona and finally Tokyo. In a single trip. I don’t know where else I can find time to finish everything.

When you can’t keep track of the numbers of TODOs mentally in your head, it’s obvious that there’s a problem somewhere. Either I can kill myself trying to finish everything, or I find/hire someone to do work simultaneously. Not to mention it would actually make more sense to delegate tasks which I cannot learn anything from, to a hired hand.

When something is already ingrained in your head, the thought process takes place in a blink of an eye. Time slows down and for a moment it would seem like thinking takes place in bullet time, where the camera goes 360 around you. Just that, it usually doesn’t happen as fast as you think, and to onlookers, you look like a drooling idiot staring at a blank space while waiting for your wife outside the salon.

Yeah, I agree, sometimes I do think too much. Then I think again. Is this what my life is about? Doing what I want to do, doing what I am supposed to do? Failing, picking myself up, and trying again until it is all reasonably well? Suddenly my life looks packed, very packed actually. And I still want to add more things to do. Life is great for me, but there is doubt in myself, as to whether I can finish everything I want to do.

As I looked around, I see people not having enough time, people unhappy with their lives, their jobs, their situations, themselves, their loved ones, and at others. Is it really a management/perception problem? I will never know, for no two lives are the same. I often wonder to myself if is there is something more I can create that will benefit people around me.

If I told everyone around me the troubles I had to go through to achieve what I have done so far this year, will it deter people from doing the same? Conversely, if I told everyone around me what I intended to accomplish before the end of this year, would it inspire people to achieve more on their own?

Life is mostly weird, and fun. When I said I wanted to bankrupt* the gps company for attempting to rip me off for a service that should be free, I got a few mixed responses:

“why would you want to do that?”
“can I help to test your system when it’s running?”
“are you sure or not?”

And the most amusing of them all:
“it’s about time you started bankrupting everyone who pisses you off”

Everyone has a choice with their life, it’s just not everyone can live with the consequences of their choices. Life is what you make out of it, and if you’re good at what you do, but not improving the quality of lives around you, nor bankrupting companies who deserve it, you’re doing something wrong.

And with that, I went back to my book.

*okay, maybe bankrupt is too strong a word, but no way in hell are they going to charge me an additional $500/vehicle to fix my systems.

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