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Wedding Expenses 21 May 2011

For my friends who are getting married soon, here’s the checklist of what should be in. This is considered a weekend dinner, and I was working with a budget of $60,000 for the entire thing.

I also had to fix the furniture from ikea and paint the room myself, but that is actually something extra. LOL!

Also, please note that what is required for me, may not be required for you. Okay? Don’t get the idea that everyone needs cowboy hats and such.

 Expected CostActually Paid
Fortune Teller108
Gown & Suit (Z-Wedding) 2888
Photography E-Session (6hrs)2000
Shoot NailsGIFT
Photography Location - Moon Hotel411
Photography Location - KinokuniyaFOC
Guo Da Li Items150
Shoes for Brother200
Wedding Shoes Undisclosed
Wedding BandUndisclosed
Wedding Invitations130
Cowboy hat + guns136
Photography Actual Day Undisclosed
Videography Actual Day 3080
Make Up Actual Day580
Hair Actual Day380
Wedding Nails170
Bridal Car (Day before and Actual Day) GIFT
Ang Pow - Jiemeis ($ x 9)Undisclosed
Ang Pow - Brothers ($ x 8)Undisclosed
Ang Pow - Tea Ceremony Undisclosed
Ang Pow - Car Door Opener (E House)Undisclosed
Ang Pow - Car Door Opener (YY House)Undisclosed
Ang Pow - Car DriverUndisclosed
Ang Pow - Kid rolling on bedUndisclosed
Ang Pow - Photo/VideoUndisclosed
Carlton Day Room388.41
Carlton Banquet (29 [email protected]$1098 nett)32,106.60
- Deposit5,000
- Manhattan card ($4k x 5) 20,000
- Citimiles card7,106.60
Wedding Wine (3 Carton)720
Custom Table Gifts1,0000
Shoot Nails00
Wedding Nails160170

Naturally, not all prices can be put online, so msn or drop me an email and I’ll tell you what exactly are the “Undisclosed” values.

Wedding FAQs:

What are my customs?
Only your father and your grandmother will know. Ask them. However, if you are new-age, you can just do your own and skip everything, if it’s possible for you. After all, Buddha resides in the heart.

Who is supposed to pay what?
Well logically, the groom’s father should pay for everything. But given the times we live in now, there is not much money left after your dad has bought the flat you are staying in now. So usually, it’s split amongst whomever has the money and/or whomever wants to help.

What is the reasonable amount to give for the number of tables, pinjin and misc angpows?

Give within your means. Traditions don’t mean anything when you are broke after the wedding.

Tables – One thing to note though, different people have different standards for the table. Some may accept tables as part of the pinjin, some may want tables to be given with the angpow that comes with the table, some may want the tables and the angpow to be given to the groom.

Pinjin – Usually given by the groom’s father, with trailing 8s for luck. Traditionally the inlaws will give back some of this money because they are not selling their daughter.

Misc angpows – Same as first note.

After giving the angpows, is there supposed to be any given back to me?

Usually only the pinjin, and the angpows you receive on the day of the tea ceremony.

Sourcing Tips:

Some tips that may help you source the perfect wedding. Perfect means having everything you want that can make you happy without getting too ripped off by those blood suckers.

  1. Always plan your wedding at least one year in advanced.
  2. Consult a professional for the ‘good dates to get married’, if required.
  3. Have a good idea on how many tables you need, how many tables you’re giving, etc. A good method is to start at the minimum required tables for the date you want, then work your way through the available hotels for the date.
  4. For hotels, always ask for free flow soft drinks, beer, wine if possible. Also a free room for the night for your helpers, free food tasting, free corkage, free invitations. Do not be afraid to bargain, after all, a wedding dinner is expensive shit you know.
  5. When you select your gown/suit, there will always be enticing packages, and whatever you choose may not be in season by the time you are married. Look over all of them.
  6. Flowers, such as hand bouquets, flora decorations for cars, brooches, flowers for the inlaws are usually given at the place where you choose your gown. Also, this same place should be able to get you in house photographers, videographers, the chauffeurs and the wedding car at a price.
  7. If possible, check out dates for wedding fairs to see what’s the market like. You may or may not get a deal at such places, though, it’s always better have someone inside the hotel who knows someone who can give you a discount or more freebies.

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