December 21, 2010 - kenshinjeff

monster hunter portable 3 english patch from teamhgg

As with every monster hunter release, it has been a busy busy month. From trying to find time on monster hunter portable, and actually spending time on mhp3.

As everyone knows, mhp3’s encryption code is out on the interwebz on at least 3 popular websites. So this holiday season, I foresee many people attempting to patch it themselves.

Already out in the wild, you’ll be able to find:
ACG’s chinese patcher MU HF
kenshiHH’s ppf english Autopatcher MU HF
teamhgg’s very promising english screencaps TEAMPAGE

And maybe:
vuze will have their own english prx patch with the folks over at celes-network. Coldbird is really pro at this, so doing a prx patch will not be too difficult for him.
ZexNimer/Nimer will also have an english patch.

Naturally, I’ll be rooting for teamhgg. There already is news of a patcher being done and ready for distribution in a few days.

If I come across any more people translating mhp3 I’ll update this post. For the moment, please enjoy some of teamhgg’s screencaps.

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