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fix corrupted psp save files from different firmwares godeater

I was playing GodEater on the UMD, I had finished most of the download quests, I heard there was finally a patch for GodEater, I switched to CFW 5.5 GEN-D2. The game works on CFW, thanks to the brilliant hackers online, however, my save file was corrupted when I tried to load the game. I could start a new game save file and use the cwcheats available, but there was no point in that.

There is a way to fix corrupted psp saves from different firmwares, I’m pretty sure you can even use it to edit the unencrypted save files with the proper Gamekey.

Before you start, remember to backup all your save files. I cannot stress how important this is. Don’t be a fool, backup your files.

You’ll need the following files:
1. Gamekey for GodEater (ULJS00237.bin)
2. SED installed
3. Your non-working saved file

Here are instructions:
1. Put the ULJS00237.bin into your PSP\GAME\SED\gamekey\ directory

2. Run SED from the memory stick

3. Choose the non-working saved file, press the triangle key, and select 解密 (decrypt)

4. Select “YES”.

5. You should see 解密完成 (finished decrypting), after which quit SED.

6. From the PSP’s menu, select GAME > SAVED DATA UTILITY > non-working save file, DELETE. (YES, DELETE)

7. Run GodEater from the GAME > MEMORY STICK > GodEater. Create any character, save the game. Then quit the game.

9. Run SEC from the memory stick again8. This time, select the NEW WORKING SAVED FILE, and select 加密 (encrypt)

10. Select “Yes”

11. If all is well, you should see this 加密完成, if you see something like 解密済デ一タありません go find out how to fix it using the link on the bottom.

12. Run GodEater from the memory stick again, and this time load the file, you will realise that save actually is incorrect, but load it anyway.

13. Oh what do we have here? My original saved file? : D Everything is intact, except for the download quests.

14. It’s not complete until you save again, VIOLA!

I got information from here, and there’s an extra step if you don’t see the “success” screen.

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  • Karl says:

    This didn’t work,I did exactly what you said, I got the success thing but when I played my GEB the save file was corrupted. What do I do. PLEASE HELP ME I DON’T WANT TO START OVER. :'(

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