May 9, 2010 - kenshinjeff

How to flash KiNgxKxKlair DroidEris2G1 on your HTC Sapphire 32B

You will need the following setup if you do not already have them:

RA-Sapphire-v1.6.2 –
Formatted Class 4 or Class 6 MicroSD Card (6 is better)
26I Radio ( –
Danger SPL (1.33.2005) –

Get into recovery mode (Hold Home + Power when turning on)
Format your microSD Card, use the create partition option to easily create your different partitions
I used 512 ext2, 128 swap and the remaining as my fat32.
Convert ext2 to ext3
Convert ext3 to ext4

At this point you will know you have succeeded when you plug your microSD card into an external card reader, it will show a less amount of space available, since some of them have been taken up by the swap and ext4 partition.

Enable USB, copy the files into your microSD Card.
Disable USB

Wipe (data/factory reset)
Flash with version 1.
Let it boot, first time is a little slow.
This is very important, but it was not stressed enough. DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS ON YOUR PHONE YET.
After when it shows the screen lock STILL, DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS DON’T EVEN TRY TO UNLOCK IT. If you see some app has crashed, you didn’t wait long enough.
Wait for 5 to 10 mins.
Sign in with the usual setup to configure your google account. Now, if you didn’t listen, you will find that you can’t configure your google account on the setup screen. Then you’ll have to reflash it again.
Verify that you can access your google apps.
Enter Recovery mode again.
Flash with version 1.1.2

If your google apps are not working even though you have signed in, most likely you did not setup the ext4 partition on your microSD card correctly.


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