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tips on hikari no 4 senshi

It’s a final fantasy game, with cute characters and most importantly it’s not a boring FF little kiddy game.You _will_ die easily if you don’t use the correct classes. This game, plays like an retro RPG game, with somewhat 3D elements. If you like old school RPGs you have to get this.

Playasia: Hikari no 4 senshi link

In this title, there are no Magic Points, only Ability Points which will recover at one point per end of round. There are 20? 22 classes available, each with their own skillset/ability.

Location names

ホルンの町 Horun town
北の洞窟 North cave
魔女の館 Witch’s museum
月光の塔 Moonlight tower
グーラの地下洞窟 Underground cave to Gura
グーラ Gura
流砂の城 Sand Castle
リベルテ Liberte
海賊のアジト Pirate’s hideout
???? ???? Between Liberte and The art place village
動物の小道 Small path of animals
狩場の洞窟 Hunter’s cave
妖精の道 Path of the fairy
ウルペスの街 Urepesu city
世界樹頂上への道 Path to the world tree
エルバ Elba
世界樹の根 Root of the world tree
世界樹頂上への道 Path to the top of the world tree
氷の洞窟 Ice caves
インビディア Inbidia
インビディア地下 Underground Inbidia
天空への塔 Tower of the sky
ロランのココロ Roland’s heart
スペルビア Supervia
星の奈落 Abyss of Stars

When you reach Supervia, there’s a few things you can do:

Fastest battle points gain, with minimal exp.
– Boss fights are worth 300 bp.

– Just fight against any shopkeeper while in human form. 1 battle is worth 5bp, and you can set it to auto (press x). You can have about 4-5 battles in 60 seconds.

Calculation: 4 battles x 5 bp x 60 Mins = 1200 bp

If you earn wifi Battle Points, the maximum you can get is 1440 BP per hour, with 4 players.

Calculation: (Seconds in battle) x 60 Mins * Number of players / 10

Alternative method, you can equip use two travellers, set battle to auto, select the 2point run ability, and just walk around blindly, or use the horn to increase enemy encounters. This is actually _really_ useful when you find the 4 towers.

Diamond/Crescent Gem drops after space time has been distorted
– Change to animal form, and talk to the Goat outside Roland’s room, he’ll tell you where Roland is.
– Find Roland in the basement of Tower of Sky (Left of Supervia), near the part where you find the HP regain pot of water.
– Go back to the fountain, and into Roland’s heart.
– Enter 3 doors and kill 3 enemies
– Go back to town and save
– Level up your merchant class to lv2
– Have 3 merchants + 1 no class OR 4 merchants and equip the ‘no loss in gems after dying’ item
– Enter the center room in Roland’s heart.
– Use merchant’s ability to search for gems and rare gems (First 2 skills)
– Just die, and you will appear at the town’s save point
– Rinse and repeat
You can _only_ get crescent gems (2,000G) or diamonds (5,000G) from mining this boss.

If you get 3 gems, you’ll get at 6,000G to 15,000G (3 x 2,000G to 3 x 5,000G)
If you get 6 gems, you’ll get at 12,000G to 30,000G (6 x 2,000G to 6 x 5,000G)
If you get all 8, you’ll get at 16,000G to 40,000G (8 x 2,000G to 8 x 5,000G)

Selling for a profit in Urepesu (I have tried it, it is quite hard to get right, or maybe I did it wrongly)
bind 2 x 1,500 books, sell at 5,000 to earn 2,000
bind 2 x 1,000 books, sell at 5,000 to earn 3,000 (promote)
single 1 x 1,500 book, sell at 5,000 to earn 3,500 (promote)

Leveling up your armour/weapons in Urepesu
You can level up your items in a blacksmith shop on the right, over the bridge. He will use gems to upgrade the stats of your weapons/shields/armour. If you level up once, a +1 will appear beside your item name. Initially, you can only get up to +9. After you get to the 80th (?) floor of each tower, you will battle different variations of Bahamut, it will definitely drop the an item, which you can bring to the smithy. It will increase your max upgrade by 10 levels per item you bring to him.

Miscellaneous tips and trips
– The monsters/bosses level up with you.
– Changing names of magic books, this is available west of this town.
– You can upgrade the short sword in the beginning of the game +2 atk +2 magic atk per upgrade, very cool. (Upgrade in Urepesu)
– You can steal Ribbons from the bear in the path of animals. (Use thief class) It’s the only thing worth stealing in my opinion.
– The merchant crown’s final ability negates enemy defence and does damage equivalent to (your current gold)/100. It will cost you a flat fee of 1,000 Gold to use it every time. Then again, by the time you get 1,000,000 gold you’re probably near the end of the game.
– After you get the golden key from Roland, you can access the 4 towers.

Credits: Some information have been gotten from gamefaqs’ forums, some from chinese strategy websites, and some from my own discovery.

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