December 11, 2009 - kenshinjeff

Taking orders for Tokyo (24DEC-4JAN)

I am now officially taking orders for Tokyo (24DEC-4JAN)

Email me a photo, the name of the item, the price you are willing to pay, and where to find the item.

Subject: Buyforme Japan
Your name:
Your contact number:

Item name:
Price you are willing to pay in Yen:
Item URL/Photo:
Alternate colors/variations:
Item location:

When/If I find the item, I will call or text you. Then you transfer me the money IMMEDIATELY and I’ll buy. Naturally, I’ll ask for a new piece, check quality, etcetcetc before calling you. I will charge SGD 5$ to 20$ depending on how big is your stuff, and if I cannot bring it back, I will mail it to my home.

I will _NOT_ buy anything you can find in Singapore, because my time is not worth saving $10 off an item you can find in Singapore!

Second/Third degree friends are welcomed. But you give me money first, if there is no item, I won’t buy, and will transfer you back the money when I am back.

I will be heading to Akihabara (All the Animates, Madarakes, Gamers, Super Potatos, Final Fantasy Store, COSPA), Ueno, Harajuku, Shinjuku (Donkitei), Shibuya (Blue/black labels/NHK Studio), Aoyama (BAPE), Omotesando Hills, Disneyland, Odaiba, Umeda, Namba, and maybe an outlet store or two. NRT sells white lover.

Here is a map, I may not visit all the places here:

PS: And, forgoodness sake, please don’t ask me to bring back LARGE softtoys, cigarettes, samurai swords, weapons, bb guns, and guns. Blowup dolls, sex toys, porn magazines, lighters are okay.

PPS: I _WILL_ ignore your email if the photo is like 100x100px, if you’re not interested in finding out how it looks like, or where to buy the item, neither am I.

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