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Using two routers on the same network

The two routers that I used were: 2WIRE 2701HGV-E and LINKSYS WRT54G2

To be really clear, I didn’t exactly bridge two routers, I disabled the dhcp function of the LINKSYS to make it perform like a switch. But the end result is still pretty cool, now that I have a DD-WRT coexisting on the same network as my other computers.

Here’s the problem:
1. I had an existing ADSL router in Room A with cables leading to Room B.
2. Room B has at least 3 networkable devices.

The simple solutions would be to:
1. Install a switch in Room B, to share the internet from Room A.
2. Install a router, and disable DHCP (At least that’s what I thought)
2a. Using 2. plug the cable from Room A into a LAN port in the router, instead of the WAN port in the router (I have no verified that this works but I think it does)

Needless to say, I actually went one whole round before I thought of it.

I installed DD-WRT on my spanking new WRT54G2 V1, and found that this configuration works rather fine:
Existing ADSL Router
Issues: to addresses

Basic Setup TAB
Wan Connection Type – Disabled
Local IP Address –
Subnet Mask –
Gateway –

Network Address Server Settings (DHCP)
DHCP Type – DHCP Forwarder
DHCP Server –

AND THEN, I plugged the LAN cable from Room A to Room B, and stuffed it into one of the LAN ports in the router located in Room B.

And it works. Which made me think, would it have worked if I had just configured used the stock linksys router, disabled dhcp, and then just plugged the cable into it like a regular switch? I highly think so. So if you can, try it, it might save you a whole shitload of time.

Sad to say, I have no figured out how to make my WRT54G2 as an AP with settings from my ADSL router yet. But it’s not a hurry, I prefer cables. Till the next time~

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