August 11, 2009 - kenshinjeff

xtuple, postgresql and multiple users login

So I’ve been playing with xTuple, and it seems like it’s gonna be the new ERP system that I’ll be using these days.

Naturally, I do not have any idea what I’m doing yet, but it sure took me some time to figure out how to enable multiple logins. Sure it’s noobish, but there wasn’t any documentation~ So, after some trial/error and trolling the forums, this is what I came up with.

Basically, in order to use xTuple,  you connect to postgresql with a heavy client app, that runs on QT *ack* I believe. Anyway, to enable multiple users to access xTuple at the same time, you need to enable remote access to postgres.

I must first warn you, this is not the most effective way of doing it. But I suppose it’ll do since the network has all of TWO people now : x

#host all all md5
host all all md5

This allows everyone on my subnet ( to access it

listen_addresses = ‘*’

This is of course, to enable listening on all available IPs.

Restart postgresql. Viola~

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