April 30, 2009 - kenshinjeff

japanese secret wooden boxes

Was going through my mail and I found this way overdue draft. *paste*

So Kenny was showing me this random wooden puzzle box that has a “secret” way of opening. The sob took me a good 10 minutes to figure out, even though I’ve opened it before when I was in hong kong.

It turns out that it’s called a “malaysian magic box” of unknown wooden origin. But anyway,� the authentic japanese ones are called “himitsu bako” and they feature up to 50+ moves to open the damn wooden box.

It’s kinda nice and since I’m always not acting my age, I prefer exquisite wooden stuff over cold hard steel now.

Here’s a list of sites that sell such stuff, do note that while I do not know all of them, they are more reasonably priced than other sites.

http://www.hakonemaruyama.co.jp/secret-e.htm << I bought some from here. It’s pretty reliable.


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