March 27, 2009 - kenshinjeff

painless google calendar syncing with outlook

Download and then use you google account to login.

If it tells you your timezone is borked, you have 3 options:

  1. SP3
  2. Download the timezone fix and amend your registry
  3. Download IntelliAdmin Network Administrator 8 Trial and run it with the following settings:
  • Step1: Select Daylight Saving Timing update
  • Step2: Check Include local system
  • Step3: Submit
  • Step4: Shake a little. Serve after froth appears. Scream “viola”.

Yes it’s boring I know, but I’m sleepy. I will probably write a small note on sumos and why their wives ought to be lesbian in another few weeks.

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  • Sandra Yalip says:

    Great tip – Calendar Sync works great!!

    For my newsletter i also need to further edit the calendar (i add pictures & change colors to match my newletter). For this i use nice little utility called WinCalendar. It is a MS office Calendar maker that allows you to create fully editable calendars in native MS Word & Excel format. You can easily import Google & Outlook Calendar apts with this.

  • kenshinjeff says:

    Why hello!~ How did you stumble upon this?

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