December 22, 2008 - kenshinjeff

how to export plaxo 3 contacts to csv


I swear man, one day I’m just going to write a bloody app myself and stop using this freaking irritating plaxo with such a lousy interface. The only nice thing about it is that it integrates rather nicely with outlook.


This is the url you have to visit if you want to export your contact list. There’s an “export” link on the top right corner, a popup will appear and these options for export will be presented.

  • Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file)
  • Outlook Express (.CSV file)
  • Palm (.CSV file)
  • Netscape (.LDIF file)
  • Yahoo! (.CSV file)
  • vCard (.VCF file)

Enjoy, and I hope none of you will have my frustration! ARGHHHHHH! ROAR! SCREAM!

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