June 26, 2008 - kenshinjeff

bloody net share, delete hidden window shares

Ever tried to connect to a shared drive to find out that you have been denied access when you just added access to yourself?

This happens most commonly when you have 2 shares on the host computer, each has different access levels. Example: One share named ‘A’ shared with ‘Everyone’ , another share named ‘B’ shared with ‘kenshinjeff’

So inadvertably, you connected to the share ‘A’, by default windows explorer logs you in. When you try to access ‘B’, it logs you in with the same username/password used in ‘A’.

So, first of all, you close all your explorer windows, then you use the ‘net use’ to view the automatic shares. And then you use ‘net use SHAREPATH /delete’ to get rid of the annoying little piece of shit. Next, from the explorer, TOOLS > MAP > Connect using a different user name.

Power Tips:

In a windows command box (Start, Run, cmd)
net use
net use SHAREPATH /delete
Explorer, TOOLS > MAP > Connect using a different share name

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