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how to hack monster hunter portable 2g MHP2G with FreeCheat FC

Update: FreeCheat’s latest build is FreeCheat0604 (4th June) so the menus might be slightly different. This tutorial follows FreeCheat_3xx.rar

First off, I don’t care what anyone says about hacking your save file, it being unethical, cheating, defeats the purpose of the game, blah, whatever. What anyone does with their save is their business. If _you_ want to stuff 10 jewels into ssp, that’s your own business, and you’re asking for it if you go kai. So there.

FC = FreeCheat = A cool psp prx app by the chinese folks over at their website
MHP2ME051 = Another cool windows app, a MHP2G Memory Dump Editor also by the chinese (Yes, it has no icon like a trojan, either that or there might be a virus running around my home network that I’m not sure of)

BOTH FC and MHP2ME051 are in chinese. If you can’t read that you’re kinda screwed, cos I’m having trouble reading the item/armour/weapon/gem list myself.

It took me a good 20mins to read it and translate it to my thai friend, it could have been shorter but my understanding of small chinese fonts is what one might call, “a piece of shit” : D

Download the FC files, place the entire directory like this:

Append “ms0:/FreeCheat/fc_3xx.prx” into your ms0:/seplugins/game.txt, and your ms0:/seplugins/game150.txt

Enable the prx, via holding R when you turn on the PSP, blahblah.

Go in game, press the “note” button on the psp to activate FC. X = Cancel, O = Confirm (Excellent choice I would say, can’t stand the english counterpart)

2nd option from the right column ( 内存管理 ), O
1st option from the menu ( 内存转储 ), O
2nd option from the menu ( 开始转储 ), O

Your memstick light should blink “furiously” for maybe 5 seconds, and a popup ( 超作完成 ), X, X

You’ll be at the main menu. Connect your USB cable if you haven’t done so.

5th option from the right column ( USB 连接 ), O

Menu closes, should see your PSP popup in windows. Navigate to PSP_DRIVE:\FreeCheat\DUMP\

The dump should be named mem00X.mem. This is the file you edit with MHP2GME.exe

Modify like there’s no tomorrow. When you’re done, from MHP2GME.exe, do this: 文件,保存文件,保存为FC格式. Name it as anything you want, it’ll show up as ULJM-05500.pat

Copy this ULJM-05500.pat into PSP_DRIVE:\FreeCheat\PATCH\

Press the “note” button on your PSP, to activate the FC menu again.

5th option from the right column ( USB 连接 ), O

Pro tip: It’s always safer to disconnect via a software disconnect rather than by pulling out your cable, it forces a “sync” command to flush whatever’s left to copy, even for thumbdrives.

2nd option from the right column ( 内存管理 ), O
3rd option from the menu ( 加载内存补丁 ), O
You should see your ULJM-05500.pat, O
Usual popup ( 超作完成 ), X, X

Check the stuff you haxored, and save your game. Viola~

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