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Convert US EUR monster hunter freedom 2 saves to JPN

All the files you’ll need – Download

Things to know before you start off

It took me several hours a day for several days to piece the whole procedure together, with the help of several friends. I’m doing this because I want to share my experiences/knowledge with the rest of the hunters in the world, nothing more. I expect the number of people visiting this site to increase over the course of this month as 2G is coming out, so if anyone feels helpful, do help out in any way you can in the comments. Like most people, I hate registration, floating adverts and rapidshare, so I’ll try to make this site as accessible as possible. If you have problems understanding my phrasing, do tell me so I can do amendments.

Japanese Monster Hunter Portable 2 = English Monster Hunter Freedom 2
.lbc files are actually text files which contain instructions and gamekeys to decrypt psp saves

There are a few reasons why someone would want to convert their hard earned US/EUR saves to the JPN version, or would even want to read this. If you have no tastes for theory, just skip all the way down to the practical part.

JPN version of monster hunter portable 2

– has more blood (technically I believe if you hurt a weak point, lots of blood will be spilling out. There might be a cwcheat for this, if anyone has it do tell me)
– it’s way cooler to play in japanese : D
– there’s an english patch available for the japanese version, it’s not 100% but you’ll get by
– last I checked, statistically, 25% of everyone who owns a psp in Japan has monster hunter, there should be more players on xlink kai

Okay, here we go~
Games which require firmware 2.0 and above most likely have the savegames encrypted, I would think there are 2 kinds of encryptions used, one which tells the psp to do the encryption, and the encrypts the savegame by game itself. For save games, there should be 3 different kinds of encrytion used, firmware 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 above.

Monster Hunter Portable/Freedom 2 JPN/EUR/US uses 2.0 encryption, that can be decrypyed using a file containing the appropriate Gamekey.

Laboko is a japanese software, and they have most of the gamekeys for japanese games stored in Laboko’s boot.pbp file. The problem comes in when you need a gamekey for a US or EUR game like monster hunter freedom 2. You have to put the ULUS10266.lbc OR ULES00851.lbc into ms:/laboko/code/ (I would assume the extension means LaBoko Code or something, it’s not a usual extension that can be found)

We’re going to use Laboko to load save games from the memory stick and then convert an encrypted .bin to an unencrypted .bin file. With this .bin file, you can use a hex editor to modifiy your save games. THEN RENAME YOUR FILE TO ULJM05156.BIN. Afterwhich you use Laboko to convert your plain .bin back to the encrypted .bin. Since Laboko already contains the JPN gamekey, you can use Laboko to save your plain .bin to an encrypted JPN .bin!

Practical part
Laboko 101 – Download
ULUS10266.lbc – Download
ULES00851.lbc – Download
You will also need a JPN game save from somewhere online. Probably gamefaqs, I won’t be posting any JPN save files, cos they’re not mine and my own is just to embarrassing to show : D

If you have firmware 1.0 or 1.5, you should be able to run Laboko without any problems.

1.5 Kernel addon for M33 3.71 FAT PSP ONLY – Download
1.5 Kernel addon for M33 3.8 FAT PSP ONLY – Download
1.5 Kernel addon for M33 3.9 FAT PSP ONLY – Download

If you have custom firmware from M33, or you have problems getting Laboko to start, you’ll need to install the 150 kernel addon. A word of advice, if you’ve never flashed your PSP or are afraid of bricking your psp, you are better off asking for help in other places, sorry. Then again, you shouldn’t have any problems as I was on M33 3.71 R4, I merely followed instructions in the text file and viola, I can run Laboko : D

If you are using the slim, you will need to use the TimeMachine /w Pandora to load your slim into 1.5 kernel.

Also, you should try to have less than 5 saves on in your PSP’s save directory. From lurking I have heard that laboko doesn’t play well with more than 5 saves. So this might be one of the things choking up laboko.

After you run Laboko in the first time, a laboko directory will be created. Quit Laboko, and put the appropiate .lbc file into ms:/laboko/code and run Laboko again. I made the mistake of using the inbuilt usb in Laboko and I couldn’t convert the first time round.

You only need the correct one, so just download one.
ULUS10266.lbc << US Gamekey
ULES00851.lbc<< EU Gamekey

Follow the instructions which I ripped all over the internet and you’ll be on your way.

To convert your ENCRYPTED .bin to DECRYPTED .bin
> Menu 2 > Choose the US/EUR gamesave file > Menu 4 > Wait a few seconds > Viola




This shot here is actually wrong. It should show Monster Hunter Freedom 2nd on the left but the option is selected. This option does the decryption.

An decrypted .bin file should show up in the root directory of your memory stick.
– ULUS10266.BIN TO ULJM05156.BIN
– ULES00851.BIN TO ULJM05156.BIN

Yes I was a dolt, and I left this step out. Sorry. I assumed everyone knew how to read that part which says it’s missing the ULJM05156.BIN

To convert your DECRYPTED ULJM05156.bin to ENCRYPTED .bin
> Menu 2 > Choose the JPN gamesave file > Menu 5 > Wait a few seconds > Viola




You can now delete that ULJM05156.BIN you have in your root, or leave it there.

Load your JPN Monster Hunter Portable 2, see your savefile and ENJOY THE BLOOD!

In the next guide, I’ll teach you how to apply the english patch to MHP2 so you can have english menus!

Many many thanks to Auslander, my Korean friend for providing me with BOTH the lbc files with the Gamekeys.

Updated 27 March 2009. I see many people are still trying to convert their files, I’m sorry I can’t be clearer with my english, but you can get help from the guys here.

J_G_ has written a guide� – Save Game Conversion Laboko, Phat or Slim with Time Machine

icyisamu has also a guide – Save Game Conversion Save Game Deemer, Phat and Slims

The people at Minegarde would be happy to help you guys convert your saves : )

Instructions to prep your save file is here:

This is where you should upload to (I think, it doesn’t hurt to read a little first):



  • Gazp says:

    I have a small question, can I use this program for other games? I ask this because the Savegame-Deemer its just to complicated.

    The one that I am to converte is Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops (USA). As in Monster Hunter 2 or 2nd G, in MGSPO+ you can use you save game of the past game, in other words, the one that I used in MGSPO. But the catch is that in this case im trying to convert a save from a US game to a European one, since the copy of MGSPO+ that I would like to play would be the European.

    I would be glad if you could help me.

  • kenshinjeff says:

    Hi Gazp,

    It might be easier to use savegame deemer for this, but I’m not sure if it works.

    Also, laboko will only work if you have the gamekey for both the US and EUR version of MGSPO+

    I had another tutorial of that floating around, but I’m too lazy to type it out again, I’ll probably just paste photos of it.

  • Gazp says:

    You lazy bastard! xD

    Now seriously, the savegame deemer, not online it looks complicated, but also I cant manage to install it. For some reason the plugin just doesnt appear on the Plugin menu… (by the way, i have a PSP phat with 3.90-2 m33 )

    But the gamekeys, arent they already on LABOKO? Or this version in particular just has the MH ones?

    If you could send me or post that manual that could hlep me I would be very grateful


  • kenshinjeff says:

    Hurhurhurhurhurhur. Well technically speaking, I believe most of the japanese games’ gamekeys are already in laboko, at least when it was released.

    There is no english manual so to say, though I did wanted to pick the japanese version up when I was tokyo. And, that’s why most people end up finding that post about gamekeys.

    I would say it should be _really_ much easier to use sgdeemer though I’ve never tried it.

  • Gazp says:

    The fact is, it isnt easier to use sgdeemer, mainly because I cant use it… since it is a old plugin it would need to be updated to work in more recent firmwares, like the SVcapture or the Recovery LE that already work in 3.90 M33. I know that i could get a Timemachine, but its just to mutch work and time right now.
    I think that if I updated my firmware to 3.93 CFW, maybe sgdeemer would work. Ive read something about it on the realese of an update for 3.93 CFW:

    “Note on Save Plugin Deemer from HellCat:

    The utility of Deciphered Safeguard was withdrawn for certain reasons. You can however always use it, by installing the PRX written by HellCat, that you will find in the attachment.”

    Anyway, thanks for your everything, you have been helpfull.

    PS: I wish i knew how to read japanese… 😛

  • Len23 says:

    Hey thanks alot for this guide! It took me some time but i was able to change my MHF2 save and start MHP2G. Thanks alot

  • David says:

    can u change my game data into mhf2 for me plz i dont understand this guide lol really sorry but plz can u help p.s we talked on skies of crimson im daveb222…

    thanks a lot (ill post the saved data when u reply)

  • David says:

    sorry about my last post i meant can u convert it into mhp2g for me sorry…

  • bboynicky says:

    i dun understand…. where do u stay?? maybe we can meet up.. i’m from malaysia.

  • yuan says:

    y cant i dl the files from rapidshare? it keep telling me that my address is dling something and told me to wait?
    kindly help me anyone?
    thanks =)

  • Isaiah Ramos says:

    Hi sir, can you pls help me? can you convert my save file for me? i really dont get how to convert it by myself. and im using a slim psp i dont have a timemachine with pandora. pls sir can i get your email

  • lehcram says:

    Ey, thanks for the guide, took a lot of time to figure it out. i mistook the game save of MHF2 for MHP2G. at:

    ‘To convert your DECRYPTED ULJM05156.bin to ENCRYPTED .bin
    > Menu 2 > Choose the JPN gamesave file > Menu 5 > Wait a few seconds > Viola’

    hahaha, anyways thanks again.
    ohh, about the Laboko file, in my case, i put both ‘LABOKO’ and ‘LABOKO%’ on Ms0:\psp\GAMEXX (not on GAME). well good luck.

  • N.E.E.T. says:

    is there other programs except laboko? Laboko does’nt seem to work on my firmware.

  • OdysseusFeng says:

    Can u help me to convert my Mhf2 savegame data to MHP2? The data is here. http://www.mediafire.com/?t0m2vgwfymm. It is in Us version

  • Yongchuan says:

    hey, it worked out fine for me, until the “To convert your DECRYPTED ULJM05156.bin to ENCRYPTED .bin
    > Menu 2 > Choose the JPN gamesave file > Menu 5 > Wait a few seconds > Viola” my jap save version is ULJM05500, and i cannot convert the DECRYPTED ULJM05156.bin to a ENCRYPTED one. I also tried renamed to ULJM05500 and tried to convert to ENCRYPTED, but ended up in an “Fail, CODE: FFFF2001”. what should i do? really appreciate if you can enlighten me on this problem by sending me back an email reply, thanks bro.

  • Tak says:

    can i send my save of monster hunter freedom 2 english to someon to be converted into japenese?

  • pil says:

    k, so let me get this straight. you convert your us save so you can have jpn save file to play on a jpn version of the game? sorry if this is a stupid question, i’m new with this stuff.

  • gakz says:

    Hi, just wondering if you could help me convert my mhf2 US save file into a mhp2 one? I own a psp slim and apparently i have a lot of problems getting laboko to start on it. The above ‘website’ is the link to my savefile in zip format. Really appreciate it if you could help. thanks =)

  • astride says:

    i hope you could post a video on how you did the convertion following your guide.. only if its ok with you.. thanks!

  • shaq says:

    hi guys i have problem runing the file i having psp ver 3.90 m33-3 is there some one can help me convert this save files pls

  • connor says:

    i keep coming up with a error on the laboko saying error on reading ucs2jin.bin what does this mean?

  • Shmoe says:

    hey, can anyone tell me what i’m doing wrong? when i try to run laboko i get this error: “The game could not be started. (8002014C)” The addon is installed already, and everything else seems to be ok. Any help would be appreciated.

  • PLease help me says:

    i already convert my MHF2 savegame to MHP2 with loboko, i can play my character on MHP2. But i can’t transfer my MHP2 savedata to MHP2nd G.. when i try to do new game and select the 2# option bla bla bla, than don’t remove your memory stick duo bla bla bla press O, oke than i press O.. than nothing happen, can somebody help me?

  • Methotrexate says:

    And there is what some alternative? 😉

  • Microzide says:

    The author uvazhuha for literacy)))

  • aronzei says:

    what region did you use when you run laboko 101?

  • ramien says:

    hey ANYBODy from singapore???? i dun get it leh even gt the guide.. anybody can kindly help me? i am JJ i stay in singapore! ppl from singapore please help me.. my mail is [email protected] msn also same.. my contact is 92391145 please help T_T thanks

  • kenshinjeff says:

    Dear everyone who’s having problems, sorry I can’t help out every single one of you, but I do know where you can find help.

    You can just post your savefile request in this forum. No laboko, sgdeemer, or whatever nonsense.


    Before posting, always read the rules first!

  • Kitai says:

    when i click to download things in the ‘downloadables’ page it sends to rapidshare and it says the files cant be found. how can i get those files like laboko101.zip and ULES00851.lbc ??

  • angelo says:

    is it possible to directly convert mhf2 to mhp2g

  • Mozilla Firefox says:

    ei..can u explain it in a few and simpler sentences.its hard to undestand. can u also include the links where i can download the programs that i need to convert my MHF2 EUR to MHF2 ENG.

    you can email me at “[email protected]

    thnx in advance.

  • Killer says:

    is it possible to convert my MHF2 (EU) version to a MHF2 (US)
    version and if so can u tell me how im following the steps but instead of a JAP save i want to convert to US save but it says
    CODE: FFFF2001 how can i do it?

  • Nathaniel says:

    I wonder if you could email me a step by step way because i cant understand whats you have written because well there way too much writing for me to understand im trying to convert my EUR MHF2 game save data to JAP so i can carry on playing from my old file on MH2G if you could email me it would be much appreciated thanks.

  • CaptainBeikoku says:

    Could anyone help me convert my MH Freedom 2 data to the Japanese so I can play MHP 2ndG please?! I have tried myself but I have a PSP slim and can’t seem to get it to work. Anyone? I can post or email the save data.

  • Gamer says:

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  • Qt says:

    Best post!

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  • sips1s says:

    Can some1 help me out by converting my US mhf2 gamesave to EUropean version? I can’t do it on my own :s thnx

  • speakzor says:

    Aaah, games, they’ve taken so much of my precious lifetime already. I wonder if I’ll get a bonusgame when I die =P

  • Tammy Leibee says:

    IK0E1P thank you dear friend,

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