June 5, 2008 - kenshinjeff

monster hunter 2G english multilanguage patcher released

Hohohohohohohoho, finally, teamhgg has decided to release PapimeruPSP, the new defacto multilanguage patcher!

There’s a link here to the website: http://www.teamhgg.org/

Just in case anyone was wondering, I didn’t help much I was merely pushing cells, like I always do. *push push*

A few things to take note though, I personally haven’t gotten the chance to play with it yet, from what I hear, there’s still some typos and stuff, but it’s really cool since it’s been programmed by a girl! Seriously, what are you waiting for!?

Side rant: I’m really glad it’s released, now the monster hunter community can decide for themselves if there was really anything that anyone, including me, supposedly stole. *beams*

Edit: So I’ve been cursed and the site is down somehow. Here’s a rapidshare link:



  • zodiac says:

    want play Monters Hunter 2G Eng

  • Allen says:

    I downloaded the English patch, but none of the sites say how I use the patch. Where do I save it?

  • eric says:

    I downloaded the English patch, but none of the sites say how I use the patch. Where do I save it?

    hii umm i knoe ure kinda right they dont say where and what to do but ok it isss really big ass complicated i mean i knoe what to do is just dat its too heard and complicated ok look u havee to have a folder that says iso i dono how dat works but if u do dan u have to have the game in ure memory stick nott umd 2 options you either have to rip the game and put it into da memory stick orrrrr download it which so far there isnt and dan put the game in the iso folder i think and dan the patch goes in the game were da demos goes u know and dan run itttt lyk if it would be a demo………

  • paul says:

    u kno, monster hunter 2nd g is just like monster hunter freedom 2
    so if u don want to bother with the patch, just go to gamestop or eb games and get monster hunter freedom 2
    i have played both and they are the exact same, except for the fact that one is in japanese and another in english

  • Matthew Pang says:

    not bad at all! its cool to have a girl done this. i hope the full version can be release soon ^_^

  • Matthew Pang says:

    to allen,
    the instructions to how to install the patch is included in the zip file. jz take a peek at it and u’ll understand how to install it!

  • travis says:

    well i want to know wath game is the last mosnter hunter freedom 2 or monster hunter 2nd G…… the only bad is that the mh 2G is in japonese but i could see that it have more things than the mhf2 because u can go to hunt with a felyn… nice! lol…. well i want to know that only

  • Axel says:

    Thanks, downloading now

  • ambislimids says:

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  • freevaItaro says:

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