May 10, 2008 - kenshinjeff

mhp2g dev wiki

I will be creating an mhp2g dev wiki, in the time to come, in it will be details on the process of dismantling mhp2g. Of course I will not be hosting any form of patches, or any condemning information which may lead to my arrest : D~

I will, however, need help from dbf experts who might give me some insight on how to extract more information on mhp2g’s data.bin. If you have a method to read passworded dbf files, do leave a comment and we can see how we’ll proceed from there.

Another thing I would need help on, can someone run ethereal when trying to connect online? I need to look for the ip or domain the psp tries to connect to when downloading quests.

A gist of my planned table of contents:

  • Using the dec.exe / enc.exe kindly donated by CG to SoC
  • Extraction of japanese text from bin files using CodeStation’s opensourced tool
  • A table comprising on where to go about translating certain parts of the in-game text
  • Methods used to extract information on the extracted bin files

Of course, this is all somewhat technical and educational in nature, I do not expect everyone to want to read it, but I feel that this is important information for the further development on MH3 on the wii when it comes out.

And finally, I do not have possession of SoC’s english patch, so please kindly stop bothering me with requests for downloading the patch. If you want a playable english patch, look for the WinZer, he’s the nice thai guy who made his own patch in english, which got leaked out. English is not his main language so you’ll have to forgive him for his mistakes, if any, if you manage to get your hands on his patch. As of this time, his latest version should be 1.2 R2, if I’m not wrong.

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