December 3, 2007 - kenshinjeff

taxi hunter at west coast

The only reason why anyone would want to run to make themselves fit is so that they can sprint like carl lewis on steroids whenever they’re trying to hunt down an empty cab in the neighborhood.

That’s why I’m playing monster hunter nowadays, it gives me the competitive edge whenever I see an idiot trying to cut my queue when I’m cutting other people’s queue. You know those people who always stand like ten meters in front of you and trying to flag a cab while pretending that you weren’t there first? Apparently they think they’ve mastered the skill of selective invisibility like me. I mean like come on! The least they could do is to have the decency and common sense to walk further away then pretend not to see you. It’s bad enough they think they’re blind, but now they’re treating you like a blind idiot. How can anyone not fume?

How can they be so sure that i won’t just walk over and cook up a story saying that I was in the elite queue cutting queue for the past 10 minutes. (It won’t seem to elite if you actually cut a queue to wait for anything for more than 15 minutes, so 10 is a safe number)

Having common sense helps tremendously, this is where online gaming actually helps. ie. choke points. The common explanation for this would be, the main passage whereby all your zerglings, orcs, moogles, oh-so-cute-maplestory-character will have to pass through.

Usually it’s in the form of a small opening, think of it like a hole in the fence which prevents you from jaywalking. If you were a cop, where would you be? Obviously having doughnuts under the bridge while being able to see the hole in the fence so you can catch those lousy stinking jaywalkers right.

My last self made image post was pretty well recieved, so that’s why this one is also an illustrated post.

taxi hunter

  • The transparent circular zone is my comfort zone to get a cab, there’s not much point to tire yourself out if you’re going to take a cab right.
  • The black zones are the “would be” hotspots for taking cabs.
  • The points of interests are actually the green ones.

Usually I would just stand outside the road, but if there are any idiots, I’ll flank over and lay an ambush for the cab at the dark green parts. As Newton would agree, what goes up must come down, and whatever goes in must come out. Unless, it lives there.

It has a 100% capture rate, within 15 minutes under the sheltered walkway. The next time I come back, I shall talk about taxi hunting at orchard. Stay tuned!

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