November 30, 2007 - kenshinjeff

cowboys with thick fire hoses

Sometimes when I’m at work, I get bored. Bored in a brokeback mountain kind of way.

Mr Yang – WK >> I think it’s time to change bed liao
BN >> why leh?
BN >> i dont think i ever complain leh
Mr Yang – WK >> I complain ah not you
BN >> orr coz all these yrs it has been fine by me
Mr Yang – WK >> : \
BN >> =\

Our next set of conversation carried on another day. As I most of you know, I usually start a conversation with a smile.

Mr Yang >> : D
BN >> 😀
BN >> r u trying to seduce me?
Mr Yang – WK >> Yes
Mr Yang – WK >> It’s not really my fault that a simple smile of mine always sparks of interest in another party, therefore, I am, guilty as charged.
BN >> you see the lockup over there?
BN >> here’s the key. pls kindly enrol yourself inside.
Mr Yang – WK >> I see. Police and thief eh, how engaging.
BN >> yes except u have to engage w urself only
Mr Yang – WK >> I figure that I must be quite smart to be able to come up with something like this one the spot.
Mr Yang – WK >> For kenny’s case it’s because he always thinks of such things.
BN >> u and keni r gross!!!
Mr Yang – WK >> Why, thanky ou
BN >> ……

So really, it’s not my fault that all conversations end up like this.

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