July 29, 2007 - kenshinjeff

yang’s life sp2

So after the somewhat horrible ordeal at the bus stop which I thankfully didn’t die, I went to tokyo on very short notice. Luckily for me, I managed to spend about 13 days there before I had to come back for my Kash’s wedding, and my short talk at ngee ann.

So anyway, obviously this time round I had more time to spend in tokyo, aka more time to meet chicks, and more time to spend more money, but I’ll save it for another day since it’ll take too long if I include all the gory details. I’ll just fill in what’s important for now, ie. I DID NOT MANAGE TO GO SOAPLAND AGAIN!

And so I came back from tokyo, spent a few days off, and went off immediately to work for my Dad. I’m back to selling hoses! Redid the website (FINALLY), here’s how it looks: www.firearmour.com.sg Pretty good I must say, considering that it has some mistakes and it’s STILL in the top 10 if you search for “fire extinguisher singapore”, “fm200 singapore”, “halon singapore”.

I went for landmark advanced last last last FRI SAT SUN. Hmnmn. Gary’s leaving soon, and I might be going on another holiday from 27th to 2nd, if I can find out where’s ok for the both of us. Not me and Gary, obviously.

In short, I’m really busy at work, if you want to reach me, you’ll have to sms me or msn my other msn, the one that used to belong to my laptop. Sometimes I don’t even remember to turn on the msn, which is really sad.

What’s a blog post like without a quirky quote from me.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Also when you’re fucking busy.

So there. Just so in case anyone is trying to come up with a lame comment, here’s my pre-emp: “I DO NOT KNOW ANYONE CALLED BUSY”



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