April 28, 2007 - kenshinjeff

saved by an advertisement!

So today after the horrible math paper which I think I will fail, AGAIN, I made my way towards the opposite bus stop in the drizzling rain, heading to town over the expressway from school.

I was minding my own business, listening to random mp3s on my phone while looking at the bus chart thingy. So it was on the left hand side, the side nearer to the beginning of the bus stop, naturally I just stood behind the bus stop after I was done.

Then I noticed like this car was like on the expressway, sliding right towards the bus top and ME. The car was more like drifting towards me, the kind of drift you see in the F1 Formula races. Obviously, I was still stunned at the audacity of the driver for pulling such a stunt in the early evening, considering it was raining.

Then I stopped being so audacised, and more of being shocked as it went up on the pavement, towards me! Unluckily for me, this big drain by the side didn’t manage to swallow the car, and it was STILL sliding towards me.

The car that just lost control was roughly 10 metres away. Then an advertisement saved me. No seriously, an advertisement saved me. You know those extremely large and irritating banners they have, just before the bus stop, to prevent you from actually seeing your bus coming until it’s too late? As it seems they appear to be rooted fairly deeply into the ground, either that or the car was moving too slow.

Amazingly, after the windscreen cracked, the engine dented, and the cover of the wheel I don’t know what it’s called came off, with the door still stuck, the driver like just shook his head like he didn’t know where he was, came out made a phone call. Well at least that’s what happened by the time I ran to the car door.

I’m not sure why the airbag wasn’t activated but it would have been more interesting since it would have given the driver a minor concussion. It’s not everyday you get to be a hero-like character in real life you know.

What’s even more amazing was, a tow truck conveniently came within 2 minutes. Even faster than an ambulance! How amazing!

So boys and girls, understand that the road is a dangerous place, and being on the pavement is not necessarily as safe as you think!

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