April 27, 2007 - kenshinjeff

Pokemon Diamond DS is nice

There’s a ton of things to be done while in game. The first time it takes you to complete the game without doing optional stuff should be around the 30 to 40+ hour region.

I believe by the time I complete Diamond, it should be 80+++ hours, with a walkthrough.

Here’s some of the nifty stuff which makes it my “The only DS rpg you should buy if you only have enough money for one”.

  1. Male / Female visual differences (subtle tho)
  2. In battle abilities that come with each pokemon (ponytas can always escape from random battles)
  3. In game contests where the pokemon you select will be judged by Visual, and something something.
  4. You can feed your pokemon with Poffins to increase stats. (Which basically is farming berries all over the place)
  5. There’s 5 sets of time differences like, morning, day, evening, late night (You can catch different stuff at different times, obviously)
  6. There’s an ugly watch which is pretty much useless except for playing catching with the legendaries.
  7. GTS – Global Trade System. Allows you to trade pokemon online! You can just leave your pokemon, your DS does not need to be online all the time to trade.
  8. You can import your pokemons from the GBA!!!
  9. Yes, what exactly are you waiting for? If you have a DS, go get this!


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