April 18, 2007 - kenshinjeff

House S03-19 is super funny

House has tickets for a play, gives them to Wilson.

House finds out that Cuddy went to a play.

The conversation at the cafeteria went like this:
H: You’re trying to have sex with Cuddy.
W: Fries?
H: You took her to a play, you only take women to play because….
W: No, you only take women to plays for that reason, that’s your theory.
H: Ok, then why did you take her to a play?
W: She’s a friend.
H: Friend.
W: It is possible to have a friend of the opposite sex.
H: *Interrupts* blasphemer!
W: Yes I slept with her.
H: Seriously?
W: No.
H: Yes you did!
W: Yes I did.
H: Seriously?
W: No.
W: You got a problem House.

House sends flowers to Wilson in Cuddy’s name.

The whole thing is freaking funny. All the way till the end.

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