April 2, 2007 - kenshinjeff


One of the more buyable manga nowadays. Word plays, lame ass slapstick comic panels. Not that I understand japanese word plays, but it is interesting nontheless.

“The story is a humorous tale, one that uses puns to deliver jokes and pictures to enhance the jokes. None of the characters are entirely serious throughout the series and Sorachi complains about Shinpachi in terms of the crudeness of the manga (i.e. “Hey! Don’t take up manga space with useless extra characters!!”). Sorachi often includes omake at the end of his chapters, most of which are rants complaining of why he has to write omake. The story also tends to break the fourth wall (such as when Shinpachi tells Gintoki that he only protected himself and Otae for about a page and Gintoki retorts that a page takes a long time for a manga artist to draw).”

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